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We are breeders and Importers of German Shepherds Dogs.
Since 1964

Edelheim Police K-9 Academy and Kennel was established in 1964. We breed for quality over quantity.
Edelheim also has over 100 combined years of experience, and over 1800+ members trained.
Our dogs are out of top blood lines in the United States and Europe (mainly Germany), and the world as far as
that goes.

We breed, import, raise, and sell top import line German Shepherd puppies and adults. As well as
German / American crosses that are proven to excel in all areas working. (these dogs are nothing like the
modern day American show lines.)

Many of our puppies have given both the customers and us many memorable moments in the past years, as
family / companion dogs, as well as high performing show and working dogs.

As a customer you can rest assured we will offer guidance and support for the life of your dog.
All of our dogs that are sold for show and/or working come with a full health guarantee in writing, against
most genetic & congenital birth defects such as hip displisia, incorrect bites, ears to stand properly, and males
to have both testicles descend. Note: our health guarantee may or may not include imported dogs,
dogs/puppies sold as pets or dogs/puppies sold with a reduced price.

We breed both show and working lines, our show lines are capable of excellent work, and our working lines
do well in the show ring.

All of our dogs are thoroughly screened for any genetic defects and/or serious faults, health problems, and
temperament issues.  

We look at each dog as an individual some dogs may have minor faults, however over the years we have
learned to look at the whole picture when breeding, to breed for extremes or only one thing such as perfect
conformation, or extremely high drives, we will end up destroying the breed, IMO we are getting too close to
that point today.

A lot of research, hard work, time, tears, sweat, and money, go into each and every one of our breedings. As
you can see money comes last and the dogs and work always come before anything else.

Our goal is to produce dogs that will excel in the show rings, working dog competitions, police canine, SAR,
and as family companions, and most important we breed for excellent health, correct structure and movement
along with strong nerves, good drives, good bloodlines, good overall conformation, excellent temperament and
exceptional character and rich pigment. We understand that no dogs (or humans) are perfect, but we never
stop trying to create the perfect & ultimate German Shepherd Dog.

We do all of this not only for our customers and ourselves but mostly for the German Shepherd Dog breed!!

Also when you purchase a German Shepherd puppy or adult from Edelheim Kennel we offer a substantial
discount off any one of our training courses. Please ask for more details.

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