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Obedience Classes & Training Course Descriptions
Our Obedience Classes are very "Puppy friendly" See below for more information.
We do not use “clickers” or ' food drive' training in our classes.
We use only verbal & physical praise as the reward. Your dog will always be treated as a winner!!!
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Course 1 -   Basic, 4 private & 2 Beginner Group classes.

Course 2 -    Basic, 6 private & 2 Beginner group classes

Course 3 -   4 private & 1 year of reg. Group classes may
participate in tracking & article search. "Membership included"

Course 4 -   4 private, 1 year reg. group classes, "advanced"
tracking and article search. "Membership Included"
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Course 5 -  The works!!! 1 year of Obedience, "advanced"
Protection, tracking, article search, & Obstacles.

Course 6 -   2 weeks In kennel board & train.
“obedience only”  (board and Train)

Course 7 -   board and Train. (customized)

*NOTE: Training fees & rates are subject to change without notice.
Course 5     “one year”  (good choice for home protection, family, SAR, or security)  
(one year membership included)

Includes: 4 private classes, (Each class is approximately 1 hour long, that’s a total of 4 hr of private training time and one year (12 months) of
group classes. In this long term group class you can learn on & off lead obedience and healing, voice and/or hand signal commands, plus
Personal Protection, tracking and article search(at no charge). and lots more.!!!

4 days of training will be (one on one) private training.  
(Only at the discretion of training instructor, the handler may receive additional private training at no additional charge)
* No additional charges for obedience group class (for 12 months)
* Will be involved with on and off leash obedience (depending on how handler and dog are progressing)
* On and off leash healing
*Voice command and hand signals
No charge to participate in “advanced” tracking (no additional fee for certification)
No charge to participate in “advanced” article search (no additional fee for certification)     
No charge to participate in Obstacles (no additional fee for certification)     
No charge to participate in Personal Protection (no additional fee for certification)  
Protection training may not begin until instructor feels that handler and/or dog are ready and capable.
A minimum of on leash obedience certification must be obtained and started on off       
leash obedience prior to participating in personal protection training. (Includes 4 phases).
Crowd control, aggressive tracking, building search, vehicle and other advanced protection phases
may not be offered to all students/members and is not recommended for civilian use.
No charge to participate in many other activities. (Some additional fees may apply to certain activities)
NOTE: There may be extra training fees for advanced protection phases, narcotics, accelerants, explosives, deer blood, wood destroying
insect, mold, cadaver and many other advanced types of training.  
Discounts on more advanced classes.
Discounts on Additional Private classes.
Discount on 2nd dog and after 15% off.
Discount on Boarding & Board and Train.
Discounts on dog food, leashes, collars and many other pet supplies.                           
Able to participate in most group classes. (may not be able to attend some special and or advanced training sessions)
All students/members that sign up for this course will be required to renew their membership every 12 months.

Payment options: See Owner

Course 6    Regular in kennel board and train. “obedience only”   with hand signal and voice commands.  

Includes Course #1 and 2 weeks of boarding & training
Add an additional weeks
Training manual(s)
Take an additional 10% discount off member courses 3, 4, and 5
(NOTE: The 10% discount will not go towards training package #2 or annual membership fees.)

See kennel owner for more details.

Course 7      Board and Train (customized)

Includes: In kennel board and train, plus add any of the fallowing: Off leash obedience, tracking, article search, protection, and/or any other
training we offer.
Same as the regular in kennel board & Train with “additional training” added.
Dog must have a minimum of 4 weeks of B&T
Add additional weeks.
Includes Course #1, and 4+ weeks of boarding & training.

See kennel owner for more details.
You don't see the training package you need?   
Let us customize the perfect training package that fits your needs!!!
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TRAINING (page 2)
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